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Hi gang,

I'm new to minstrel banjo as in, my prust just showed up this afternoon. I have some experience with clawhammer banjo and those tunings but none with minstrel. Are there any videos showing turning in high and low bass or other common tunings? I have a tuner but am a little tuning shy after snapping a guitar string the other day.

Thanks and I can't wait to start learning these tunes.


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dGDF#A - low bass
dADF#A - high bass

That should get ya started. There's a good thread in here where the tunings are discussed more in depth.

My first minstrel banjo was a prust. Pretty spiffy banjo.
Assuming you have minstrel nylgut strings :)

yeah that's what I have. It seems like there's bit too much tension in the strings to get the d and the F# without snapping. I guess they need to stretch out a bit. 

Chris Prieto said:

Assuming you have minstrel nylgut strings :)
You might be up a whole step or something because the tension shouldn't be high enough to snap the string. The strings being fatter will need less tension than a wire rig.
That's the one I was trying to find! Thanks Paul.

Welcome Josh!

keep in mind that the d for your fifth string for exampel will be the d BELOW (lower than) the usual g you might tune your 5th string to in clawhammer.  That's 2.5 steps lower.


Thanks for all the help everyone!

Paul Draper said:

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