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Is anyone interested in doing some sort of "Tune of the Week" idea? Either to introduce new material, revisit a standard......let people post interpretations...or provide an instructional tutor? Toss out some ideas. It should be inclusive so people do not have to feel like they have to post anything, but could benefit from it somehow. We could explore some easy but uncommon material...or hit on the standards.

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Seems like an excellent learning opportunity from here.

I think some on the list appreciate the instructionals of the standards (I guess that would mean from the tutorials).  Personally, I like it when someone explores and adapts music to the banjo that perhaps was more familiar to fiddlers (as you do, Tim) or...from the social orchestra or brass bands of the period.  So, I think we might get the most out of a variety of genres.  I wonder, though, who/how would it be generated?  Would the "Tune of the Week" merely be generated by the first person on Monday morning to post it?  I know that you weren't looking to be the one (and perhaps you would not even want to) but I think you (Tim) are one that explores other music as well as provide beginners and intermediates with much needed instruction.  Or perhaps someone could volunteer the prior week to post the "Tune of the Week" for the next week(????)

Yes, I think different people could take hold of this. Volunteer with an idea.

I'm working on the fiddle version of President Lincoln's Hornpipe ( from Ryan's). I was thinking of posting in February, it's in A maybe someone can do a banjo version.

Wes, is that "Lincoln's Hornpipe" or "President Lincoln's Hornpipe"?

Oops. it is just Lincoln's. I got  a bit confused, kind of lumped it in with President  Grant and President Garfield

That one works well. I have tab already. Perhaps we should try this one. It would provide a good discussion on how to arrange fiddle for the banjo. It's hoppy, but possible on the banjo.

Neat, I got one little place in the B part that I stumble on, but it's almost there.

Alright, why don't we do "Lincoln's Hornpipe". Wes and AL, can you give us a fiddle version too? I got the music in the archives here if you want to see what I got, otherwise I'll wait. Anybody in? See what this sounds like around the country?

I've got the book so I'm good. 

Okay, why don't you set the date. Let's go for it.

I guess I was thinking February, Lincoln's Birth month. I could have it ready the 1st or 2nd, I pretty close right now.

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