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Plenty of references to go by. There is the Levy Sheet music collection, the Ethiopian Glee Book, Briggs, Rice, and Buckley 1860 ( Joe Sweeney Jig ) as well as Weidlich and Fleshers tab.

Play and discuss at will.

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Right, Tim - that the places mentioned in the song are/ were actual places. If you do a map search, you'll find "Wright Shop Road" just east of Madison Heights on the other side of the river across from Lynchburg.
Indeed. I first learned it with hammer-ons, then went to glide stroke/restrike. It ius so much cleaner with the pull-offs, and way more consistent.

Bob Carlin says this is the earliest song is Joe Sweeney is documented as performing.

Johnny Boker sure was fun. Any more additions, let them come in. 

Want to do another?

I think I am getting the hang of the pull-offs, still rough but coming along.  I would be up for another, been having fun with the first two and looking forward to learning more.

I agree, the first two have been most beneficial.

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