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Does anybody know how to get in touch with Terry Bell? I have tried calling him and e-mailing him and cannot reach him.

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Same here. I know he got his clean bill of health from his bout with cancer. You might try the facebook.

I have tried instant messaging him on facebook and he will not respond.

A few folks have been posting on here asking about Terry as of late.

If you paid via PayPal I would open a dispute as that seemed to work for me.

I feel your frustration as both times I ordered direct from him I had similar issues.

Thank you for the info.

Thanks, Chris!! I just filed my dispute. We'll see what happens...
Hopefully it works out. I felt pretty bad that I had to do it (even worse once I found he was having health issues at the time) but he was very accommodating and never treated me like a jerk for filing the dispute and there was no hard feelings.

Even tho I've had issues purchasing from him directly in the past I would prolly still do it again haha

Thank you Chris

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