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Spammers are getting sneaky at coming in under the radar. We will be extra careful in admitting new members. If you get a suspcious message, report it right away. I think "princess" is gone.

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Received two this morning. To where do I report them?

They are comments on my profile page:


You just reported them, and they are history.  Thanks!

Who got thru?...I declined 10 this morning and approved none.

I have also received a comment on my profile page from a spammer. Same one as Quartermaster. What is the reporting process?


I received one also as comment on my profile page ... same as Quartermaster.

Hi Tim , I have just had an email from a Frank Kwabena saying " I have something very vital to disclose..... " I didn't click on any of the links, even though they were Minstrel links, but came directly here to report what I believe to be spam. I am now going to put the email in the trash bin where I believe it belongs.

I don't even see him listed. John must have booted him after the first report.

sotia teneh emailed me the same email Sylvia recieved

 I got the mail Sylvia recieved from Frank Kwabena

Hello John,

I received the email (from you, I think?) asking for spam notification.  I got one from "Sotia Teneh" in my home email today advising of a comment here.  I can't find any trace of it when I come here looking, so I'm guessing you already got him/her/it.  :)



John Masciale said:

You just reported them, and they are history.  Thanks!

I just got this thing in my email.  Thanks for the heads up John.

Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 6:54 AM
6:54 AM

FRANK KWABENA added a comment to your profile on Minstrel Banjo

Good Day,

How is everything with you, I picked interest on you after going
through your short profile and deemed it necessary to write you
immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I
found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public
site.Could you please get back to me on:(
mr.frankkwabena0033@yahoo.com.hk ) for the full details.

Have a nice day

Thanks God bless.


Thank you John for the reply to my email. I will report any more.

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