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Just became aware of what I believe is a new project by Smithsonian Folkways.  If Greg or somebody has already posted it, I didn't search the right way.  Anyhow here is the link, lots of coverage of Rhiannon Giddens and photos of her with her James Hartel banjo.  The very moving sound sample (video) that I watched features her, but not the banjo.


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Here's another interview about it with Rhiannon:


Yes, very powerful and moving. I'm so glad to see this happening... being made to happen.

Well, jeez Louise, I didn't realize it was a 2019 project!  Thought it was new, because a friend had posted it for International Women's Day.  And that's fine -- but, more like the one two years ago.  Oh well, it doesn't seem to have been mentioned here yet.

And hi again, Strumelia.

Hi Razyn, good to 'see' you as well.   :)

You folks do know that this is an available cd, right?

I do now, but didn't when I originally posted.  A Facebook friend had linked it on International Women's Day (of 2021), I searched here and didn't see it referenced, so I passed it along.

I've got it. I ordered online from Great Britain. This is in fact a nice CD. (I'm sure downloading the file itself or streaming it is just as good, but at my age I just like to have the thing on my shelf.  Will my next car even have a CD player?  I wasn't actually done with cassette tapes!).

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