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I was just wondering if anyone is planning on attending this years Remembrance Day activities in Gettysburg PA on Saturday Nov 17th (Civil War reenactors parades, social events, etc.) Don't know for sure yet if I'll be attending but if so it would be nice to know where some early banjo playing is going on. Dave Culgan

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I might be there. Where will you be if you go?

I don't know Greg, the Camptown Shakers used to play a lot on that weekend, and it was usually at the Farnsworth House, and we also did some concerts but its been years since I've been up for the weekend. I wonder if they have a band booked for the weekend and if so, who it is. Maybe some other folks will chime in and we could get something going. There are a lot of history minded people in town, perhaps one of the hotels would allow one of their conference rooms for an informal concert / jam type of thing.

Definitely hoping to get out there!  Not that far of a drive at all for me.  Trying to think of a good location.  Most all of the folks I knew that had businesses or residences in the center of town have moved.  Farnsworth House might be worth giving a call to, they have someplace to sit I think.  What about that Gettysburg "Village" where the Horse Soldier used to be?  I'll keep thinkin!

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