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Just thought I'd Share this my latest "Minstrel Banjo Find"  and wondered if anyone ever heard of or seen one before.  No Info on line that I can find but this Company made many Toy Instruments. I highly doubt  many survived in this condition. Have No Idea of it's value but I thought I got a Great Find...   I only paid $29 for it.

This is the original Listing Description.

Vintage Carnival Minstrel Toy Banjo.  All items are in great condition.  Includes: Original box and literature, W.M. Kratt pitch pipe w/box, extra pegs, pick, banjo standards song book, and extra strings.  All included extras are period representative.  Someone's missing this in their collection!

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Mid to late 1950s ?

Is that a box of rosin?

Why the extra set of plastic pegs?

I have no idea...just Won it on Ebay Last Night, Can't wait to get my hands on it to examine it closely.  Extra Plastic Pegs puzled me too ??? In Case one Broke or fell out & got lost I'd Guess.

It looks to me to be a Quality Toy ,Made in N.J. USA     Co, is long Gone

Would love to know what it cost in 1950...$5 or less I'd guess.

Marketed as a "Minstrel Banjo"  yet it's really a Toy 4 string Plectrum Banjo, with a Pick

Strumelia said:

Mid to late 1950s ?

Is that a box of rosin?

Why the extra set of plastic pegs?

Possible that some of the things in there didn't come in the box originally.

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