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Did early banjo players use a strap  to secure the banjo for playing  while standing?

I've looked online at old photos, paintings etc.  I haven't seen any.

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Yeah ... we're it me I'd just get some hemp rope. It will look just fine. It will not be as comfortable as a modern flat strap but it will look "period." If it is around your neck then you can move it all over the place. If it goes around one shoulder and across your back then it will be more stable but you won't be able to move it around as much.
I have a rope on of my gourds but opted for the powder horn straps for added "flare" when out busking.

I do love the idea of some India rubber on the back to help with slippage tho. Gonna give that a try in my next gourd.

Chris, Try some "Floor Gripper Pad."  http://www.homedepot.com/p/TrafficMASTER-Premium-2-ft-x-4-ft-Non-Sl...

Keeps throw rugs from skidding on wooden floors.  It is very inexpensive and works really really well.  I place a small square of it on my lap when I play my gourd.  I guess one could even attach some of it to the back of a gourd . . . something non invasive and reversible . . . double stick tape maybe? Kid's Rubber Cement?

Nice, Im making a trip to HD this weekend and will pick some up. actually gonna attempt to finish up a rope tensioned gourd this weekend. I also know a guy who makes repro goods from 19th century and he has India rubber he uses on capes and rain coats which I believe is similar to vulcanized rubber or maybe the same thing. I'm thinking of weaving it in with the tension ropes on bottom half of gourd. should be pretty neat.

Chris .....what is HD? 

Seems as though almost anything will do. But, how best to hook it up?

HD = Home Depot

Ah, thanks for breaking the code.

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