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I posted this on the Classic banjo site but thought that people here might like to see it.

For your isolated enjoyment I present "The Prize Banjo Instructor" by Jean White, 1884.

This A notation book takes an interesting approach to teaching the banjo.  Included are four and a half pages of "Diagrams of the Finger-Board".  Ah, the old fingerboard chart strikes again, this time with in a different way.  

You are to study each diagram and easily master your scales by following the notes left to right, bottom to top of each finger-board diagram (at least that is what I think you are supposed to do).

After you memorize all of those charts, there is a half page explanation on how to play and tune the banjo.  Now you can play banjo!  I guess you win a prize if you are successful? 

All kidding aside, the book has lots of "early" style short pieces, some familiar to stroke style banjoists. There is also a cool "Yankee Doodle with variations" (featuring the one hand crank organ gag) included.  Plenty of waltzes and schottisches as to be expected. 

As always, do what you want to with it.  The material is in public domain and you own it.


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