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As a few of you might know, I've been collecting antebellum topical songs, many of which were published as 'song sheets' in which verses were offered to be sung to various supposedly-familiar melodies.  Of the 120 titles I needed to find, I still have the following remaining for which I do not know the melody:

1. California Brothers

2. Shells On The Ocean

3. Teddy The Tiler

4. There Was An Old Chap Of The Western Country

5. Man In The Moon

6. Paddy's Wedding

Might anyone be familiar with (and have a source of music notation for) any of the above?

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There's a song common to the Old Time fiddle/banjo/dulcimer repertoire known variously as Suzanna Gal, Western Country, and Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss. I don't know it this is connected to # 4 on your list, but you might try the lyrics and see how they fit. There are lyrics to Suzanna Gal/Fly Around, but I don't know any are used with WC. From what I've seen, these multi-titled songs seem to be either regional differences, or they accompany a new set of lyrics. I haven't done exhaustive research, but what I have done points in these two directions.  Have a look here, and scroll down to Fly Around, etc.   http://www.ibiblio.org/fiddlers/FLOW_FLYN.htm

Thanks Paul.  I never did learn the ABC method of music but when I get a chance, I'll try it out.

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