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If anybody is into it, let's try "Keel Row Reel". It is a fiddle tune, but is old and should be quite adaptable to the banjo. I hope perhaps some others will join in to share interpretations and fingerings. Post 'em on the weekend. What is the census on notation vs. TAB readers out there?

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I enjoyed this week's tune. Greg and I came in at about the same tempo. Carl's was faster and had a great feel. The percussion and ensemble drives a tune in another direction. Left hand fingering choices were pretty much spelled out by the nature of the tune. The stuff in 5th position left us a few choices, which were treated differently. The right hand is hard to tell unless we each examine a written arrangement. Greg, thanks for submitting one. I did not write mine out this time. Next time I play it, I think it will be faster. I would have liked to hear the tune played in the other key, as in Marc's.
I am planning to do a clawhammer version of this tune, but I have been a little busy both at work and at home (I have my 60 anniversery on Tuesday and we have began the celebrations). I will try to post a sound file later this week, because I think tthe comparisons between clawhammer and minstrel style is interesting. Until then I can offer the TablEdit file of the clawhammer version I am practising on for the moment.
Very interesting seeing everyone's interpretation and fingering of this tune. I tried to add as many left hand snaps as I could, especially from the "C" (third fret first string) to the "B" (second fret first string). This made the position shift in the first part a little easier.

Anyway, more than anything these exercises are a motivator for me to practice and expand the ol' repertiore.

What's the next tune, Tim?
Want to do another fiddle adaptation?
Yeah. Not too tough, please.
Okay, how about "Minstrel's Fancy". Seems like an easy adaptation.
No, Tim, y'all have covered it quite nicely. Besides, I'm getting ready for my workshop Feb 13 up in Nashville, so I'm busy practicing, getting my handouts ready, etc. I'm going to have about an hour to cover both Stroke Style and Guitar Style (Classic) but at the moment I'm leaning heavily on my Stroke stuff.

The good thing is that it is a Bluegrass Convention...I'll probably be the only Stroke player in the building. ;-)

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