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In the thumb of Michigan. Caro or near Caro. Let's get a date. Any day in February or March is OK with me. We'll have it at the Bell Compound or .... I'm working on one of the little historical societies around here. We may have an audience of 10, maybe more! Anyway, there'll be good food 'n fun. Guaranteed. Anyone who can play, can kinda play, wants to play, or has a jaw, bones, whistle or tambourine is invited!!

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Well,  I knew it would happen!  We had someone leave the dept.  and it my coverage to back fill.   So that means I get to work both Saturday and Sunday now...  Maybe next time...  Terry thanks for the invite.  

I heard the Blue Flu is going around Michigan.

Question,  did minstrel's play the blues back then?   Or can I be the first?  LOL

Terry Bell / Bell & Son Banjos said:

I heard the Blue Flu is going around Michigan.

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