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I redid my website, having added the new CD's for sale section. Easy access to the PDF files of the old original banjo books. It is pretty lean and clean, and serves the purpose of parking a lot of material....books and CD's.

Whatcha think?


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It's much easier to find stuff and figure out what/how to order, and a nice simple clean look.

Lookin good!  Hope to order soemthing from you sooner than later!

I'm glad to say that Elderly Instruments is carrying all my Early Banjo CDs and did a great job of displaying them on their website, including track listing and product placement....near the very books the music came from.


Very (visually) impressive. Your site is sharp looking too.

Nice looking website. Everything is clean and easy to find.  I don't like websites that you have to spend a half an hour trying to find what you are looking for.  Good job.

One question though, who is that guy in the suit???  

Maybe I've been watching too many of your early morning vid's.  :)

I don't know. I look at it and wonder, too.

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