Minstrel Banjo

For enthusiasts of early banjo

New recording available-Buckley's Banjo Guide of 1868.

Ready to ship. Only $15.00 and this includes shipping.

Use Paypal at http://www.timtwiss.com/.

This 2 CD set contains 94 tunes....pure, simple, beautiful solo Minstrel Banjo.

You can also download the original book if you do not already have it.


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Just looking at some cool yootoobs right now...

"Ghost of Sourwood Mountain" ?- http://youtu.be/8GJpFX2AXG0

and don't you just want to make one of these??- http://youtu.be/mmGkJlJs1F4

-we even have the Nylgut strings lying around for it!  =8-D

Danl, truthfully, I appreciate long passages being shortened to key sentences or even key phrases in order to respond, but not when phrases are minced into bits and then strung together like Pop-It beads to form whole new sentences.  Then it's really no longer what I wrote.  :)

The primary source was the African-American folk banjo tradition, at least until new evidence showing that another source was primary.

Thanks, I just wanted to be sure we weren't talking about completely different things! 

There's still no evidence of other pre-CW folk banjo styles that independently developed into old-timey styles by the turn of the century, though I'm open to it.

Dan'l, do you feel that old-time clawhammer/frailing and older up-picking styles developed from 'minstrel banjo style' such as what is exemplified in the tutors?  Can you point out the hard evidence of that?

Something for everybody...here are suggestions for beginners songs:

Tiger Jig

Ladies In De ParlourCharleston Gals

Soap Fat Man

Picayine Butler

Bully For All

Villikins and His Dinah

De Old Lame Horse

Don't You Hear De Bulgine

General Burnsides Jig

Let me Kiss Him For His Mother

Dearest Mae



Just a few



Tim- you mean from the Buckley 1868 I assume?

Some great titles there...!  I totally envision a stroke/claw medley of Soap Fat Man/Hog Eyed Man.   =8-o

Looking forward to my new CD set coming in the mail....

Yes...Buckley 1868. These all seem really playable. Let me know your experience with this material.

Hoorah! Mine is on the way. I'm a bit late to the conversation, but rather excited for the music.

Wheee!  The postman just brought mine to the kitchen porch,   :)

What's a bulgine ??

Bulgine was a common slang word for Engine, as in locomotive bulgine.

The Soap Fat Man is a sort of washed up version of Converse's more meaty The Charcoal Man.  lol

...and also the same as Mrs. grundy in green Converse.   =8-o

I bought that CD. It's wonderful to listen to.

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