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I have just received (yesterday) a new Menzies tack head banjo and couldn't be happier. It has a 14 inch hoop  and is very loud. It has made me want to start making these things again. It is #192, you can view it on his web site.

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I have had a Menzies banjo, and it was fantastic. Working with him to get it was also a pleasure. I'm sure you'll be enjoying your instrument.
Good news. And 14'' sounds like fun!
Congrats! I'm fortunate enough to have two of Jeff's banjos, they're both great instruments and head-turners. 14" must make for a nice deep voice!
14" is almost big enough to hide my GUT behind! That must growl like an old Redbone hound.
That's funny. I was going to buy that one and he had already sold it to Elderly. When I checked over there, I guess you had already bought it.
I'm taking it to Fort Hill Saturday.  The peg head is quite comical.
I hve Tim's old Menzies and I LOVE it.  It is a well built, great sounding instrument.  I hope Jeff runs another Gourd Banjo buildibg workshop in New York this summer.  I'm going to sign up and try actually building one myself. (With the master looking over my shoulder, of course!!)
That's why I wanted it... for night shows.

Scott House said:
I'm taking it to Fort Hill Saturday.  The peg head is quite comical.
I would probably trade it for a Stiticher or a Sweeney.

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