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Here's some sheet music from the Lester Levy site.  Both mention the battle of Antietam (or Sharpsburg).  One is sung to the tune of "Old Dan Tucker", the other to "While Everything is Lovely and the Goose Hangs High" which I don't know.  Does anyone else?



There's another in the collection called "McClellan Schottisch" that is kinda catchy which I might attempt to learn.

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Hi Al,

If we are attempting to create here a common body of music for all of us to learn and enjoy playing at the banjo gathering, which I would love for us to do, I would suggest a slightly more non-partisan set list.

Sorry.  I didn't mean to imply it should be part of a set list.

.....Though I was just playing around with General Lee's Grand March.

I was looking for something for a bi-partisan medley.

Hey Dan'l--come to Antietam and I'll teach you this song.  Deal?

I'd like to be in on that....and a more general question..... I often find songs (from the "America Singing Nineteenth  Century Song Sheets" site) "to be sung to..."  I usually know the tune but  sometimes am at a loss.

What are some good sources to find them?  Also, Dan'l, I think you know the tune to "What Will They Say in Michigan?".  I have the sheet music but have failed to figure it out.  Maybe I just need to try harder, but if you're in Antietam, you can teach me that one, too.

For the Goose Hangs High, try using Poor Miss Lucy Neal.  The first line is very similar to that tune, and the lyrics fit.

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