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Ooops!  I didn't intend all the members to be sidelined by my discussion with Mark Weems about pre-Sweeney banjos.  I thought I was sending a person-to-person inquiry.  Can someone remind me how to do that?

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I sent you a message about that

Oh, thanks.  That helps (sarcasm).  Next time I see you, remember to bring your electric pen!

I see "In Box".  Is that where "person to person" dialogue can be found and sent?  Seems like I've done this before but not enough to remember how. 

I'm getting MORE confused!

So, Tim, we are, once again, friends?!?

Do you keep unfriending me and then sending a friend request?

I think we've been friends three times!

I don't think the friend status is permanent until a comment is left.

Seems okay now

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