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Any chance you have a tab for
Hartel's New York Polka?
I absolutely love the tune!
How did Jim react when he heard it?
I also just bought your "Early Banjo" book.
What a great resource. I have learned so
much from it already.
Thanks in advance. Richard

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Here it is. He seemed to dig it.

Thanks Tim. What a fast reply. I really appreciate it!

How 'bout the music notation to this....or do you only have the TAB?

Here's de grapes.


Thanks.  I trust you already had that and didn't have to transcribe it from the TAB you had(?)

yea, already had it.

Ok.  Here's my next request.  Can you transcribe it into 'D' with the click of a button?

If not, I'll enter it in MuseScore and do it.

I'll try it. I might lose the thumb string double flag notes, but you want it for fiddle anyway, right?

Right, but if it's a hassle, don't worry about it.  I can figure it out.

The new Sibelius is amazing



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