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If anyone's got about five grand they don't know what to do with there's an amazing ambrotype of minstrel musicians (banjo and bones) on Ebay right now.
Definitely worth a look for entertainment value at least. I wasn't able to copy the picture.

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It is a great image. If it's authentic, that is one heck of an image and an equally impressive banjo with clean features! I'm amazed at how clear it is and how effectively the bones player held his arms in an extended position without distorting the image (unlike those of us who did a group shot sitting for a wet plate image in Gettysburg last summer; we wobbled all over the place).
Very cunning work with the photoshop - thanks for doing that!

Dan'l said:
I've straightened up the photo into proper perspective and brightened up the faces a bit so we can see their expressions better. See it attached here in this message (and also placed in photos area, so it's stored in Ning now).

Great photo for stage shirt repros - the patterns and the collars.

Dan Wykes
Very cool shot. I note that Jim Bollman has asked the sellor for a better shot of it. I am also amazed at the clarity...there almost has to be a hidden wire stand holding the bones player's arms up. Now that I look a bit harder, the legs of the stands can be seen behind the chairs.

Ambrotypes can be a fairly quick exposure if the light is bright: 5-10 sec.

Also, note the bones player has unusually small feet...almost deformed.

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