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Hi All:

I see the last time this was discussed was over 5 years ago, so I apologize if it is old news. I tried all my existing banjo cases and the only case that fits it in the house is a guitar gig bag. Not so bad but it seems a little too thin and flimsy.

I see that the Boulder bags are recommended for some banjos but the dimensions seem to be too short (39 x 19 x 22 inches) for that longish Boucher headstock. The banjo seems to be almost 42" long.

Any recommendations?



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Well, I was convinced that the Goldtone gig bag was the best solution but I just checked the shipping from Elderly and I must have missed something because Fedex will ship it for about $26. So I ordered the shopworn one and hope that it will be fine. I will report back here when it arrives. Thank to all for your wisdom and help. Now to work on learning the Camptown Hornpipe!

If you can find a new one on Amazon, I believe you might be able to return it by asking the seller for a printed return label (paid shipping) if it doesn't fit.  Worth investigating, be sure to review the seller's return policies.

I could not find anyone who carried this long neck banjo gig bag except for Elderly and Gold Tone.

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