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I have noticed already in my short time I've been playing in front of actual humans that people just cannot resist the allure of the grapevine twist. They hurry over to the sound like moths to a porch light. But then after a few minutes I'm all out of grapevine twist. I love that tune too and its got a special running quality to it. It appears I have a hook and am short a line and sinker. Wanna keep en there after the twist ends, not that they hurry off and leave when it's over but I really wanna deliver the goods and send them home itchin to figure out what they just heard.

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Weave it into other tunes.....this genre is Cut and Paste,

Hmmmmn I see less of an mp3 player firing off tunes more like a DJ haha I've been trying to break into lil groups of songs. Various double plays and what not. I need to find two other songs just as strong and place in middle and towards end.

I have also been going nutty for waltzes but they don't seem to be as well received.

Do others that are the same tempo....like the Briggs' Big 3 - ( Briggs Jig, Breakdown, and Reel ), Alabama Joe, Get Up In De Morning, Camptown Hornpipe, Ethiopian Cracovienne, Walk Into De Parlour, ( and this is just the Briggs Book ).

Amuse yourself with your segues and string of tunes. Most of the Yellow Converse is like that too. 


I love your description Chris...really nails the attraction we all feel to the music.

I think I may have said this here before, but I've always felt that "Grapevine Twist" shares some kind of vague kinship with "Cripple Creek" -  at least in general shape. Starts up high but not too notey, with a busy B part that's down lower. Maybe that's part of the appeal. (although I suspect for some folks kinship with Cripple Creek might not be regarded as a positive attribute!)

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