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I think I've asked once previously about the somewhat comical end tag, "Shave and a haircut, two bits".  I don't recall getting an answer.  I presume it originated with an itinerant street vendor.  Does anyone know?  Does anyone know when this might have been and how long this tag has been used to finish out a tune?

Here's another...... I recognize this as something tacked on the end of the closing of a Three Stooges' short after the tune, "Listen to the Mockingbird".  I was surprised to hear it played after "Pop Goes the Weasel" by a CW-era brass band.  I never thought much about it as I guess I figured it was something the 3-Stooges producers came up with   But now I'm wondering if it has an earlier origin or was the brass band simply having a bit of 20th C fun?

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I thought I already included this.........

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