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I am so glad my book "Early Banjo Primer" has done so well and many of you have copies. I hope that it has helped launch you into this music. I am about to edit the third and final version of this....so i am asking for feedback from anyone who cares to offer it. I want to improve it as best I can. I envision mainly an extension of graded repertoire. Also, thinking of a flash drive to go with it of videos with slow breakdowns of tunes...move by move. 

So.....feel free to comment. 

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I also found when you point out where to use a hammer stroke with the lil dot below the fingerings to be really helpful

I agree with Lisa and chris.  Speaking as a relative newby, anything that helps a person new to minstel banjo is appreciated.

I see Elderly Music is doing 20% off on all my products. Just sayin'.......


The Weidlich stuff is too.

Funny enough I was over there and got your book just last week.

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