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Dan Knowles minstral banjo building thread on banjo hangout

When I originally saw Dan's thread on the Banjo Hangout i was very impressed with his documentation of banjo building. The whole thing, if I recall, from wood shaping through metal fixtures, shaping and bending, etc. I notice now that although his comments are available there are no pictures and his comments are photo-dependent for clarity.


I know nothing about web site constuction or operation but I would think somehow that a digested version of his incredibly long thread could and perhaps should be saved somehow for posterity.... It was very instructional, but included a lot of non-informational comments by readers and it could be boiled down considerably.. Were it digested and photos re-inserted somehow it might be a very useful document for minstal banjo builders or those interested in understanding something about minstral banjo construction. I assume Dan is a member of this site and might respond. I, for one, was very impressed.

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Something seems to have happened to a lot of banjohangout threads that had photos in them. That thread is one example. I don't know what the problem is exactly, but I assume there is or was an issue with image hosting on the banjohangout itself.

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