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As a couple of you may have seen on facebook/instagram, I'm currently attempting the "Novembeat" challenge; similar to Inktober, the goal is to come up with 16 bars of music for every day in November - while it was originally conceived as an electronic music thing, I decided it would also work quite well for tutor-sized banjo pieces, so I'm going for it.  (I'm 5 out of 8 so far, still hoping to push through and catch up.)

I've mostly been fooling around with fingerstyle pieces in a slightly more modern vein, but today's piece wound up being 'banjo style' and while it too has a slightly 'newer' feel I'm pretty happy with it and figured I'd turn it loose here.  (My plan after November is to clean the best ones up and release the notation in some form or another.  Maybe notation for free, tab for a few bucks.)


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