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Since The Convergence, I have jumped into the yellow Converse. I'm struggling with the thumb lead. I've stopped trying to cheat the walk around. I've really been working the exercises and using the thumb more when noodling too. Essentially, I'm breaking the Briggs habit. Any other ideas?

Also, I need to start the Buckley 48 (Paul suggested that as a good place to start) and teach myself how to read the music. But, that's a different animal.

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Hi Rob -  sorry, I think there's a miss-communication...  I think the yellow Converse is a great place to start learning notation, most of the tunes there are not too complicated. I suggested some of the Buckley tunes in the 1868 book as a starting point for exploring finger-style playing. Tim's tab book for the '68 book will help a lot. Plus you can compare the tablature to the notation. That might help also in reading notation...

Ah! Ok, I see...I'm thinking I'm going to tab them out from the notation for the general exercise and repetition, thinking that will ultimately evolve into plain sight reading without the need to tab...

The yellow book is tabbed in book form by weidlich too, I got a used one on Amazon for cheap

Yep, already have it. That's where I've stumbled with the thumb lead. I have the down load from Tim Twiss, so I plan to put the notation into tab and use the tab book to check against.

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