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Does anybody have or use this book? It is pretty good. This is the one that is mostly full of waltzes, hornpipes, and guitar style pieces. Then, smack dab in the middle is the wild "Grape vine Reel" and Kentucky Juba. Odd how these are put together...the books. Anyway, I'm about to start laying it down, and decided to work from back to front. I usually work straight forward when recording...but what they hey. Not this time.

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Hey if you ever get the time to tab a few tunes out for those (me) who are having a hard time with de notes, I'll throw yah some cold hard cash ;-)

What you need??

I'm not really sure. Probably some of the easier tunes as I'm still in full beginner mode. How much would you want per tab?

Buck a tune. You pick 'em.

I'll get back to you soon.

Okay, I laid them all down. Came out nice. Sometimes, one thinks that a dry head is best, but I struck when it was about 59 % .  A little moisture....just enough, really brings out the tone.....in the lower end.

Anyway, I am listening and editing. Not sure how to order it.....do not want too many waltzes in a row, and this book is packed with them.

I played the book every day for about a month, and then sat down to do it. It was recorded in 2 sittings, and I enjoyed the process.


31 tunes in all. Lots of variety in this one.

Al...stop by for your copy.

And this is the link to get the actual printed music free.


"Cream-Colored Horse" is pretty darned close to the "Man on the Flying Trapeze" in melody and storyline.

Probably someone already commented on this.

Tim, I agree with you about the humidity.  I frequently bring my banjos down to New Orleans and I swear they sound better when the head experiences a little humidity.

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