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The book entitled "Winner's New Primer for the Banjo" from 1864 is my next project. This book is so often overshadowed by Briggs. It contains about 27 easy to medium pieces. Interestingly, it still uses "Briggs' tuning" meaning that the key signature is G or D and references the thumb string with an upward stem as "D". Good pieces....some repetition of songs, but still a little different. NO fingerings are supplied.

I think I can price this at about $12.00. It should be ready in a week or so. TAB.

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Savr onr for me, I ewant it!

Yahoo! Do it!

Good project, Tim!

I have 22 of 27 tracks done. It seems  different to me than how I judged it early, especially on the playbacks. It is certainly one book that does not reach the grasp of the early and intermediate player.

Are they finger-style or stroke, or both? Is this book different than the 1872 version? If so, do you know where the 1864 book can be found?

All straight Stroke. I got mine from here.


I am sure it is in a library others have sourced, but I have not looked lately.

I've looked through that site, but I don't see the Winner book.

Me neither. I know it came from there, and it may be on another part of the site ( I think it its hard to navigate ).

Yes, it is. I'll see if I can find a contact link.

Try this;


I found a mailto link on the site. It was wrtitten incorrectly, but I got the mail out. There were two addresses, neither the one you gave. If I don't hear back I'll try yours. Thanks for the help.

Please let us know when it is finished. I would like to obtain a copy.

Thank you,


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