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The Northville Historical Society puts on a Cemetery Walk every year as a fund-raiser.

I have participated four of the last six years, portraying various people who are buried there.

This year, the theme is (of course), the Civil War.  Participants will portray those buried there who took part in the CW in some way or another.  Probably a good number will be soldiers who are buried there.  I came up with the idea of, instead of playing a character, sitting by the gate playing period music for those groups of attendees who are awaiting their turn to go on the tour.  The Historical Society is asking the city for clearance so that they can have a campfire (and tent) so that it simulates an evening of soldiers entertaining themselves. 


I was just wondering if any who came to the last Motor City gathering (or in this area) would be at all interested in joining me around the campfire, playing CW songs/tunes on banjo, bones, tambourine, jawbone, etc. (period appropriate)   It would be very informal (that would be more authentic, wouldn't it?).  It IS a fund-raiser, so I'm not expecting to get paid, but I would take anyone out to eat afterward, if interested.  It's Sunday, October 16th, in the late afternoon, early evening.


If no one is interested or available, I shall look forward to seeing you all at the next Motor City Gathering the day before!


Al Smitley

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This sounds like fun.  Count me in.


Brian J.

Great!  Thanks Brian.  Being from Redford, you aren't far away from Northville.

I will give you more information and perhaps share a list of songs/tunes/keys as it gets closer.

Hope, also, to see you the day before at the 2nd Motor City Gathering.

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