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Could something explain (or is there a video that slows it down), how to play the grouping of triplets that you see in Anthony Street Reel starting around the end of the 2nd measure.  To watch youtube videos of folks playing the song it almost looks like a slow brush across the strings.  Coming from a clawhammer background, I certainly don't see the hand raising in between notes.  I appreciate the input.  

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Hopefully this is more helpful than confusing.  Remember, when you see a big X, it's played with the thumb.

Okay...as clear as this is in theory, it appears to be much more difficult in execution.  Anyone happen to have a video link for this technique?   

Hey, Ning delivers baby!

For some reason my initial response did not post.  But I did want to thank Strumelia for taking the time draw that all out.  It actually is very clear, but like I said...in theory it is quite clear, but in execution it seems much more difficult.  

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