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Hey all,

Just wanted to wish everyone well in their travels and playing at the upcoming AEBG. I'm unfortunately unable to attend this year and will miss it greatly. I look forward to a fresh batch of photos, stories, tunes and papers from this year's gathering. At very least, I managed to grab a ticket to see Bob Dylan over here on that same weekend, so I have some consolation!

With best wishes and fondest greetings from Germany,


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Herr Rosenberg,


We will miss your music and enthusiasm and humor.  Don't become too "Teutonic" on us over there.  See you next year, I hope.

Oh I'll be there, as sure as the Union is worth saving. Tell recording secretary McClellan to keep a closer eye on roll call this year.
Have fun, and please give us an hourly report!
If we have a good wireless connection, we'll stream ya in via Skype!

That would be great. My skype name: rob.mackillop 


I have my Hartel Boucher in tune and ready to go ;-)

My Skype name is "Trapdoor2", oddly enough. ;-) It would be very cool to be able to join in via video stream!

Marc, Cory,you were greatly missed! Lots of new people this year, but lots of friends in the banjo family!

I'm so depressed! I've just got thru the posted pix...all my banjo friends were there. I shall be playing in minor keys only for the next few days, alas!

At least I got to see Bob Dylan on Saturday. Looks like it was an amazing weekend. I'll start tuning up for next year now and maybe I'll be in tune for AEBG V

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