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I'll keep this short so we can discuss music, not money.


I have 2 Whopper 12" Minstrel Tambourines left. They have 4 sets of LOUD big brass jingles with 'star' design tacks.  They have a SERIOUS sound you could lead a parade with.


2 brown (stained maple and oak) Boucher style banjos with 27" scale and brass hardware, and 2 scaled down Stichter style banjos with 13" rims and 28" scale will be ready to go in late November.


This stuff will go on Ebay at that time OR write to me and put the Ebay money in your pocket.

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I'm glad you post your stuff here. Where does the 27" scale place the bridge? 


About an inch below center.
One more...what is nut to rim length?

19.5  like this one. And the one you played.


Terry,  how can we get ahold of you?  I sent you a message (check your inbox).  Is there a better way to contact you?

Terry, John obviously got hold of you - my tambourine came today!  Thank you so much for a wonderful instrument - and let me say, it IS loud!  I didn't think 4 sets of chimes would be that loud, but WOW!  I have to rethink my whole way of playing because I don't want to overwhelm the banjo.  That would be a bad idea, right?  



That's a loaded question.  hehe

I do recordings with mine, and let musical people play it live. It's a whole drumset, isn't it. Who woulda thought. I'm very glad you like it. I love making instruments.

Oh my gosh, it sure is!  A nice shake with a hit at the end sounds like the drum roll with the cymbal at the end (i keep expecting someone to do an amazing feat - like jump off a high dive into a paper cup - or make musical sounds come from the banjo.....     Oh, come on, you guys, you know I love you....



Do you still have a tambourine?  I would be interested.



Jeff Trace

Yup. 12 inches with hand hammered brass jingles.

Terry Bell / Bell & Son Banjos said:
Yup. 12 inches with hand hammered brass jingles.
How much you askin'?


Pls. let me know how much the 'jo in the photo would cost.


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