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I have a really fine pair of Union trousers I may not wear much anymore. I'd love to trade for a civilian frock coat if anybody would like to make a switch. Never camped in them....just played the banjo.


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I swear...yes to all of the above!

Most frock coats tend to run a little more than trowsers.  Still, a good place to sell/trade/buy is  




I'm sure you'd want to trade a pair of trousers for a frock, but you're not going to find too many people willing to trade frocks for trousers.  Way more work in one than the other unless you're talking about a sutler grade frock verses a quality pair of trousers.  Then the trade becomes a little less uneven.  

Frocks are great but expensive, and need to be fitted to look right.  I spent a fortune on a hand-sewn paletot, which is an unlined, un-waisted frock coat.  You might consider a sack coat, they are much cheaper and were very common by the 1860's.  I used to have a nice Corner Clothiers sack coat, got tired of it, traded it to Cuffie, now I wish I had it back ;^{

It may have been expensive Carl, but I've never seen a coat look more at home on it's wearer than yours does. (This is the green one, right?) Now you can add fashion trend-setter to your resume.

I'll second a sack coat and Corner Clothiers making it!  Love my linen one!  

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