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My apologies with this post as I'm sure it seems very uneducated on this site but I was curious if this copy of the Ethiopian Glee Book works for banjo, and is compatible (https://archive.org/details/ethiopiangleeboo00howe/page/54), my apologies for my instructor has not yet moved on from tablature.

Second is that I have a gentleman who wants to learn bones and is looking for places to learn.

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if I understand you correctly, you wonder if you can learn to play banjo (stroke style) from this book?

The glee book is not a banjo book as such, as I understand it, but a collection of songs, tunes, played by a minstrel group (the Christy Minstrels). I haven't looked in to it myself.

If you want to play banjo music there are far better sources, I would guess. Tim Twiss homepage would be a good start: Tim Twiss  There you will find old tutor books free, to download and print out.

I'm sure some of the more experienced players can give more and better information than I.

For the bones, I would suggest youtube :-)

Good luck!

In addition to the old tutor books on Tim Twiss' site, I highly recommend you purchase a copy of his book "Early Banjo." It is aimed at the beginning minstrel banjoist and is the first book I obtained when I was first starting out. I found it very helpful as it contains both tab and notation of some easy tunes. It also comes with an audio CD so you can hear how the tunes are suppopsed to sound. 

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