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Another Concert featuring Clarke Buehling with the Skirtlifters


Here's another concert from the Missouri State University, the sound quality is a little better, it presents some great early banjo work and I love the energy and enthusiasm of the performance. Of particular interest to those on this forum might be at 44 min. a no holds barred version of Buckley's Walk Around, 46:20 Getting Upstairs/Sandy Boys/Briggs' Jig, 50:00 Jigs in A, I should know the names but I can't quite recall, I think that's a gourd banjo as well, and 1:16:30 Over the Mountains.

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Thanks Wes!

Here is some recordings of a concert from 1990.  Clarke's "Under The Double Eagle" played solo inspired me to try and learn it for the next ABF rally.


(BTW, there is a rumor that Clarke will be at the next ABF rally, so another reason to go besides the direct connection to Frank Converse and other early pro banjoists)

Woohoo!  Btw interesting way of dealing with that weird nearly impossible part of Buckley's Walkaround both here in the DLA recording and in what Wes posted. 

And I'm really late to the party - I just purchased the Skirtlifters "Ragtime Episode" CD. better late than never...  btw - it has the Lansing "Dream" on it...

Thanks Joel!

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