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Hi All,

I am now attaching what we hope to be the final itinerary for the Conference.  I replaced the files below with the finished itinerary and registration form.  Anyone interested in the schedule or registration form should either download one of these files, or go to the links below to access the files.  I will cut and paste the itinerary in a separate post just so no one gets confused.  I hope everyone will come, this is such a fantastic event.  This year I hope to strum along on guitar!  Cross your fingers for me...




Hi Everyone,

Just as an update, I will attach the information/registration file for this year's event scheduled for June 22-24th.  You may complete the form and mail or fax to me and you will be registered.  We already have a few people registered, and enrollment is limited to 40.  The fee is $50.00 per person.  The itinerary is only an overview of how we've done it for those who are new.  George, Greg and I are working on the itinerary, and there will be a few changes that we hope everyone will like.  I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone!     



The form is also available in the events section and the Pry House home page of NMCWM's website.  http://www.civilwarmed.org/calendar/events/view/45  or http://www.civilwarmed.org/pry-house-field-hospital-museum/


Please feel free to forward this to anyone and everyone who might be interested in early American music (we like LOVE accompanymentalists).  If more information is needed, feel free to call or email me, Susan Rosenvold at (301) 695-1864 x 15, or pryeducation@civilwarmed.org  Our fax number is: (301) 695-6823.

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CORRECTION!  I had to make a couple of changes in the information page..i.e., there is no camping in the Pry House, only the barn.  All the other information is correct at this point.



No, but we will have a few phrenologists on hand!

Dan'l said:

There will be a company mentalist there?

Soon after playing at Conner Prairie one Fourth of July, I wrote a tune called "The Phrenologist".

Likely, it wasn't a good tune.  I'd have to look it up to recall how it went.

I am mental (or so I am told) so I will be the company mentalist.  

Did someone say phrenologist???? I'll bring my calipers!

Strangely, today is in fact, the birthday of Joseph Gall (1758-1828) the father of that particular science. 

Don't ask me how I know this — I'll just did myself deeper into the nerd pit.

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