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Here are some drawings I made based on the Ashborn in the Banjo Sightings website. Feel free to use them to build your own instrument. Post pictures.

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Very cool, Chuck!!!!

Here's the neck and a full size (size E, or 36"x48") plan.


Here are a few shots of the instrument.

The mortised peghead was surprisingly easy to fit with a bandsaw and wedge. The lumberyard maple grain turned out prettier than I expected it to.

You can't buy parts for this thing. I made the hooks out of 8 penny nails and sheet brass.

Rosewood finger board and peghead overlay. Osage orange pegs, nut and tailpiece. That stuff is hard. You could almost use it with flint to start a fire.

Chuck,  that is awesome!

Thanks Chuck, I've been wanting make an Ashborn copy for quite a while..everything is here! Wonderful banjo you made too, very lovely!

Good luck with it, Don. I did find that the brass bracket screws as shown didn't work. The silver solder couldn't take the torque. I made a different design where the brass shaft extends through the socket cap enough to drill through and pin; then solder.

And thanks for all the kind comments, everybody.

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