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The darndest thing happened tonight. I was sleuthing out tunes in Kerr's and came across one I liked. It was the Zig Zag Hornpipe. After I recorded it and put it up in Youtube, I realized that I had done it already some months earlier. I had no memory or recollection of it. I listened to it, and the interpretation was basically the same, with a minor fingering change. Still pondering what this means.......

Anyway, I posted the new version. Has a pretty relaxed feel. Hope you like the tune.

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Comment by Tim Twiss on August 30, 2014 at 6:51am

In thinking on this, ( and this is just me thinking out loud ) I felt a little improvement in the second one, It may be undectable to others, but I sensed a "weightedness" and deliberate feel to the notes more in the second one, which is something I strive for....a settled and full sense of the time weighing on each note. Anyway, it is a good comparison, as I had the same frame of mind in each one...prepping and recording in about an hour...Anyway, I am sure everybody can relate to that feeling that maybe...just maybe -things are getting better. It gets hard to tell sometimes, doesn't it?


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