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Notes for the Walk Round

Here is the music for Winans' Walk Round. It was fun to pay tribute to him


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Early Banjo Downloads

I have been working hard on my download site, and here is where it is so far.  15 Cd's covering ALL the Early Banjo material for $5.00 ( and a Ning discount on top of that - Code is Ning25 ) as well as digiitzed documents. I have the Early Banjo Primer, which is your guide to getting started. As I always claim, that book is not my own original thought, but rather an alignment of the exisitng concepts that communicate the style of play.…


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Disount code

This is good for a month. Pass the word.

Ning25    gets you 25% off.

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Download Discount

All my recordings of the Early Banjo Books are here at Payoadz


I have entered a discount for my friends at Ning for an additional discount of 25%.

Take advantage of this to get your Briggs, Buckley, Rice, Winners, and Converse.

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Winner's 1864 TOC


Here are the titles for the tunes in this book

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Tunes, memory, and insanity

The darndest thing happened tonight. I was sleuthing out tunes in Kerr's and came across one I liked. It was the Zig Zag Hornpipe. After I recorded it and put it up in Youtube, I realized that I had done it already some months earlier. I had no memory or recollection of it. I listened to it, and the interpretation was basically the same, with a minor fingering change. Still pondering what this means.......

Anyway, I posted the new version. Has a pretty relaxed feel. Hope you…


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Game Changer

One thing that really turned my playing around was adjusting my nails. One day, I took a file and went down to the nub......never regretted it. You would think that you would lose sound, but instead I gained. I always file down short before I play.

It was a blasphemous change from my Classical guitar past.

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Kerr's in Breakout Group

I posted a video of some tunes I will present in a small breakout group at AEBG. I'll have TAB there. These present interesting banjo opportunities, as does much of the book. They lay well, are pretty simple, and include many things that make the banjo fun....playing up high, pulls and slurs, double notes, Hammers and Strikes.

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Track sheets for CDs



Here are the tunes on the CDs

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Wes....thanks for sending the tune I tried it. What surrounds it.......?

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Anyone going to AEBG that wants to try something a little different? Perhaps a duet with nice arranged parts? The Dobson "New System for the Banjo " has a few.

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Hangout Waltzes

Voting is still open over on the Hangout. Go over there and help one of our guys win a Bell.

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Soldier's Joy

I wonder why this tune gets skipped over. I do not see many people do it.

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The whole thing about thumb strings developed from a discussion about repertoire and styles of Early Banjo. I hope someone wants to jump back in and discuss music. 

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Early Banjo Book

Special on this Early Banjo book CD pack. It contains the essential material in tab from the 19th Century instructional books on how to play Stroke Style banjo. Enhance your current skills...or try something brand new. It covers the moves, and does not…


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What a great night. It is like..."The Saturday Evening Post"...ha ha

Almost like getting a live concert from around the country.

I love all the new music.....different twists everyone has.

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And out of nowhere comes NOAH CLINE with a strong triple.

Go man! Sounds fabulous.

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Repertoire and Tutors

The more I study and play this material, the more I realize....that repertoire expands so far beyond the first books. While they give us insight as to what the source material was, and how things were arranged....we should never be limited to those books. If that genre had lasted longer...there could have been dozens upon dozens of books. It is open to any vocal piece or linear music you can fit onto the instrument.

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This resource continues to blow me away, with it's adaptability to the banjo. It's not just playing the notes from these pages, but creating some nice things within. You can make some cool things by thinking out the pulls and open string phrases. It becomes unique then. I'll post an example of a new find. I just sit down for pleasure every day and find another. With about 400 in each book, and 4 volumes.....I will not run dry for a LONG time. Not all keepers, but some are.

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