"I can give at least one account of a Southern banjo player and his banjo in a minstrel show setting. Pvt Wiley Burnett of the 1st. NC Cav had a Boucher banjo that he took to Point Lookout (taken prisoner at Petersburg). The banjo can be seen on the banjo data base. It should be noted that there is a watercolor done in the camp showing a Southern blackface show by prisoners for prisoners. The watercolors have been widely published and one can also be seen on the data base. There are two banjo players in the band and the family tradition has it that Burnett was one of them and the flute player in the band was know to be a friend of Burnett and captured at the same time. The flute player, whose name I no longer remember, left a diary account of his capture confirming, in part, the Burnett family history. 

We must not forget that in JEB Stuart's camp we can find banjoist Sam Sweeney who was a minstrel and whose brrother composed many minstrel tunes. Adam Manley Reese is another known Confederate player and some good information exists on him. Another would be a man named Noel from Lynchburg. His banjo is now in the Sandusky Museum collection. Mr. Noel was known to have served in the Confederate army and was a native of Lynchburg. 

These are a few examples but much more research needs to be done on Southern banjo of the period. 

I hope this information helps.