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This is an excellently written song from the 1864 Southern Soldier’s Prize Songster, and I believe it bears repeating. There’s even a whole verse dedicated to verbally destroying people from my home town! Trouble is, while the verses themselves could apply to many different tunes, the odd chorus takes most of them off the table. Any thoughts?

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I know what you mean.  Seems like I've had the same dilemma in the past.   When I have some time, I'll work on it and see if I have anything.

I had initially tried "Hoop de dooden do", and then "Yankee Doodle", and then "Folks that put on Airs", but the darned chorus wrecks it! If I absolutely must, I'll alter it. These songsters are so wonderful, but the lack of tunes can be frustrating! I wonder if solders or civilians in the period ever had this problem...

Sorry I haven't come up with anything, yet.  It IS an odd number of lines but the syllables in the last line causes additional problems. 

I think you could make "Ben Bolt" work.  "Sniffling" and "Whiffling" both need to be sung nearly as one syllable, each.  I have a feeling that would be the case with others melodies that might fit.  I'll keep looking.

I was at work this afternoon, counting people coming out the door at my local hardware. It was dull work. Fixated on finding a tune, I think I was looking at Howe’s Ethiopian Glee Book when I realized “Walk Into De Parlor” would work almost perfectly if I slightly altered the chorus and add an extra “Yankee Doodle Doo”. I’m going to practice that tune for a few days, acclimate my voice to those higher “d’s”, and give it a proper go! Thank you for your help. Thanks ever so much.

Seems like one or two other period melodies work but only if the last line was reduced to "Yankee-doodle-doo!"

Old Uncle Ned works if you repreat the refrain as I think was traditional.

Seems like you're looking for a 20-measure song.

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