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Having trouble with 'triplets?' Learn Prince Congo Jig and play it SLOW, over and over and over and you'll never be intimidated by triplets again.     SLOW.

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Thank you for the advice. I will give it a  S L O W  Go .

Don't forget to see the "strike" in the triplet.

Thanks for the reminder Tim. I've been using your teaching videos on timtwiss.com

along with the book and CD , a powerful combination.

Tim, I got a few good comments about your book/CD from 3 banjo customers already. The set is an overwhelming hit so far, especially the CD. These were folks brand new to minstrel music.

Oh good. Getting many angles of information is useful. I'm glad it's out there now...this book. I consider it to be core....a solid start. I have not added to the original information....just organized and presented it differently. It is not "fast food" however. You have to want to try.

Where do I find the version of Prince Congo Jig to be practicing, Terry?   I'm not seeing it in Tim's new book.

"Prince Congo" or "Congo Prince"? The latter is in Brigg's and in the Joe Weidlich tab book of that tutor ("Minstrel Banjo") Unless we're talking about "The artist formerly-known as Congo Prince"

Yeah come on Terry, tell us where it is!  I looked on my new Prince cd, and it wasn't there either.  !

Ian, ya, the prince.

it's called the Congo Bongo Mambo ....   it's in there.

In where??

Briggs & Weidlich's

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