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 Im kinda piggybacking on a previous post,,, but if you have not aquired a studio produced CD of Minsterel Banjo Music, you are missing out.  Whether it is Tims or some of the few others out there,,, buy one,  the little mic on video cameras cannot capture the music nearly the same.  It is not "over produced"  its just what is actually what is there, whithout losing a lot due to the quality of a small vid mic.

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I definitely second this one with a yelp... some of my favorites so far are:

Either of TIm Twiss' collections

"Out of His Gourd" - Clarke Buehling

"Minstrel Banjo Style" - An incredible Rounder collection

"I Come From Old Virginny!" - Carson Hudson, Jr

"The Early Minstrel Show" - Bob Winans' great re-enactment of a full minstrel troupe

"Finer Than Frog Hair" - The Canebrake Minstrels - another full minstrel troupe recording

I have not heard any of Bob Flesher's CDs, which stands as an enormous gap in my library.

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