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Has anyone tried using Strum Machine?

I just signed up for a free trial and am enjoying it, especially because I don't play with others and it seems as though it would be great for practicing.

After the trial, it's $49/year and I think it well worth the price.  The existing repertoire is geared toward bluegrass, old timey, etc., but it is very easy to enter your own.  I've already entered chords for about 35-40 tunes and it should be especially easy for minstrel tunes as they generally use only 3-4 chords.


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This will give a better idea what it's about..........


I hadn't heard of this one, thanks Al. There's a similar app for Mac, iOS and Android called iRealPro, although its built-in repertoire leans very heavily towards jazz. Editing chords in Strum Machine looks less clunky.

Yeah, I've added chords for 106 songs/tunes to my personal list, two-thirds of which I entered myself.  The more I do, and learn of shortcuts, the easier it gets. 

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