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The Buckley Banjo Guide in TAB is now ready in hard copy. If you are coming to AEBG and want to reserve one, let me know.  112 pages and has all the instrumentals.

Shipping now if you cannot go.

Also, another product I am bringing called "Early Banjo Complete". CD's for the volume of work I have produced are becoming impractical, so I am conveniently packaging my logo thumb drive with about 500 songs including ALL the major tutors. I'll be bringing these with me too. It amounts to about 14 CD's of music. It will sell for $25.00.   

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Here is a link for the page with the sales link. Paypal gets it delivered to your doorstep. Don't be the last one on the block to get this book of sizzling hot tabs of the greatest tunes ever.


This is a GREAT book! There is something in it for everyone, from beginner on up... Get this and the CD and your repertoire will certainly grow!

Jiminy Christmas!  I think I have about 90% of your CDs already (an absolutely invaluable resource to anyone working on stuff in the tutors!) but I may avail myself of a thumb drive for the sheer convenience.  Do the filenames have track numbers and titles,  and/or to the files have have ID3 tag data?

What format/filetype are the audio files on the thumbdrive?

They are MP3s

What I am doing is putting them in separate folders by book and adding a prefix to it....such that Congo Price Jig from Briggs'would be BR-Congo Prince Jig. That way as they get organized into different playlists the source will still be easy to follow. The entire content is 

  • Briggs'
  • Rice
  • Buckley 1860
  • Yellow Converse 
  • Green Converse
  • Buckley 1868
  • Banjo Section of Analytical
  • Selections from Converse 1872, Christy's Tutor of 1858
  • Early selections from Gumbo Chaff and Misc.

It totals out to 500 songs.

Thanks, Tim. 

Save one for me!

So this is all notation, not tab?

This should inspire me to learn to read music again...;o}

This is the recorded music, not the notation.

OK.. I understood 'all the major tutors' to mean notation..

Sorry...I should clarify a bit

Barbara, Tim is selling a Buckley 112 page book of banjo TAB (probably also including a scanned notation image from each page of the original Buckley tutor underneath the TAB for each tune).  I ordered the book.

He is also selling a thumb drive of around 500  MP3 files of him playing the tunes from all or most of the tutor books.

So- there's the Buckley book of tab of all the tunes in the Buckley tutor,    and then there's the complete thumb drive containing Tim playing tunes from all the tutors.  Two separate things.

Tim, correct me if I have this wrong.

Yes, that is correct, but I did not include the original notation in the tab book. Thanks Strum

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