Minstrel Banjo

For enthusiasts of early banjo

New recording available-Buckley's Banjo Guide of 1868.

Ready to ship. Only $15.00 and this includes shipping.

Use Paypal at http://www.timtwiss.com/.

This 2 CD set contains 94 tunes....pure, simple, beautiful solo Minstrel Banjo.

You can also download the original book if you do not already have it.


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If I recall, the tab is pretty accurate. Yes, many people do indeed need to "hear it", before they play it. I think it would be a worthwhile project, Tim. 

It's just a matter of editing what I already have. No claim to anything, other than putting up a collection of these public domain tunes. My versions are straight off the music. If his tabs are accurate, then they should certainly coincide. I have no need for it...I just thought it may be a useful tool to this popular book.

I'd say if folks are wanting to hear how any of these tunes sound, then they should just buy your related existing Cd recordings anyway, Tim.  They are certainly cheap enough.  All the stuff in Weidlich's books is already on your CDs, and more, right?  In my opinion, you're much better off not trying to provide recordings that aim to 'accompany' the specific tune selections from the books.     

The thing is, if you mention the Weidlich books at all in your offering --which you'd sort of have to, otherwise what's the point of such a project?, well that could be seen as a collaboration of some sort with the book author, but it's really not.  All I know is, if I were Weidlich, or the publisher, I'd appreciate being contacted first.

I think the world needs a DVD of Tim Twiss explaining early banjo as he does so well and doing the minstrels' greatest hits. I bet Converse would have filmed himself if he had a camera. There are a lot of folks struggling with notes AND tab who have nice banjos.

Tim, Terry's right- you should do your own full multimedia instructional video/DVD with recorded tunes and accompanying music and tabs- everyone would love it and it's much needed.   :)

I don't know....I think releasing these CD's is about as far as I will go. I don't want to drag anybody into any personal dogma, which may come through in such a media. I think seeing the printed page, plus playing that music on these recordings, should suffice for aiding in people's musical exploration. At that point, social networks like these are good for discussing interpretations......such as a finger glide vs. a nail glide....or using guitar style vs. fingerstyle.....and everything that has to do with tempo and expression.  

Well, your beginner video lessons really did help me in ways that a book or recording just couldn't.  I was pretty clueless, and they were so clear and easy to understand- got me over that first huge barrier.  I had the W books, couldn't really get the concepts....until I watched your actual vids on tuning, Juba, strokes, etc.  That finally turned on the light bulb.

I even feel discouraged from publishing tabs. Tabs.....seem to be followed literally. I usually, but do not always, follow the prescribed fingerings. When it comes to the Analytical Method, I follow it religiously. The earlier books...require you to think for yourself, because you can see it fingered ( similar passages ) differently from one book ( and time period ) to the next. Often, as in Buckley's case, there are no fingerings. Any tab version can ONLY be one person's interpretation. Having played so much of this....( I have recorded the repertoire twice now ) I have come to some solid conclusions. I would share the with those who are interested, but feel shy to say "this is the way". I can only say "this is the way that works for me...and fits the music".

I feel like some of the fundamentals can be absolutes. What I stress in any beginner book or video are not my ideas at all....they are my best shot at interpreting what has been laid down before, in the materials we have available to us. I read and read and play and play.....and then try to present clearly what I think they are saying. It is so easy to get a tidbit, and then stray off in your own direction, and that is fine. I just think there are some great experiences hidden there for those that take the time and have the patience to see what it was...and is. It is deceptively simple...and complex.

I can certainly understand that viewpoint.

But how awful it would be if someone then comes along and does some DVDs that are full of poorly done material, and people started buying them and following them and getting all messed up. 

Far better for you to have out a basic beginner DVD instructional- maybe simply to augment your own book/audio Cd that you recently produced?  It needn't be much more elaborate than the video instructions you already have- just sort of more in one sequence and organized, maybe coordinated with your book?

I would only repeat what is already free....


I would rather Skype one on one after that. People filter, progress, and have different needs.

Yes, I hear you.  :)

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