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Well I finally got around to finishing my banjo kit I got from Terry back around father's day. I don't know where the time has gone, but it has been a busy summer.

A couple of interesting things about the Boucher ( and other minstrel banjo's I suppose )

They are LIGHT. If you are used to playing a tubaphone (I think they weigh about 50 pounds), It feels like you are holding a feather.

The string spacing is really wide.  It takes a little getting used to, and it makes any other banjo neck feel really, really skinny.

Don't PULL on the tuning pegs when you are tuning it.  They come out and you have to start all over. :>) (we need some smiley"s)

I suppose once I get used to this thing I will have to do a video.


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Don't you just love the light-as-a-feather thing?  Makes me pity those poor bluegrass boys with their orthopedic sling hammock straps to support the weight of their massive 'anvil' banjos.   We carefree minstrels have no need for such braces and contraptions!  lololol

I love the black/white scheme on your banjo.  Is that a black beehive on that beauty you made?


Yes, I once picked up one of those bluegrass banjo's years ago and about blew my back out.  Probably why I never took up the banjo until late in life when I found about open back banjo's

The beehive and pot are a deep chocolate reddish brown.  Unfortunately my little "krappy kodak kamera" doesn't take the best pictures.

Love the colors!

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