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I just got off the phone with Terry and ordered my Boucher banjo kit. I've been looking at the kits for quite a while now. I would have ordered one if Terry had just picked up the phone and conducted a quick transaction. 

Well, 2.5 hours later my heart was full of rich stories and I was able to make a more informed decision on my banjo kit. Terry is a passionate builder and player. We would have talked for much longer had my husband not called on the other line.

I am sending a great big thank you to Terry. I learned so much tonight and I can't wait to start sanding my new baby!

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Valerie I'm SOOOOO excited for you!!!   This is gonna be GREAT!!!  Yaaaaayyyyy!

Terry is great, he spent TONS of time on the phone and I remember it was SO much fun talking with him and learning and laughing and planning my banjo.   :D

You are going to be so happy and inspired with your Bell Boucher, I just KNOW it!!  Woo-HOOOOOOOO!!!   =8-D

Well, once you had one... :)

I just can't wait!

You will be very pleased.

I'm sure I will! I needed a little inspiration to get back into playing.

With Terry's prices and quality you cannot go wrong.   I'm so happy for you Valerie!

I recently built a Bell Boucher.  Building was more fun than I expected and I love playing it!  Terry was very helpful, with great information from the instant I placed the order.


I know you will.

Thanks! I was excited to out my order in-even more so after talking with Terry. Your Bell Boucher is beautiful!

Well done Valerie!   Have you played with no frets on a banjo yet?   What color are you going to paint it?   Please send pictures.

I've tried out fretless banjos, but very briefly. I excited, and nervous! 

Since my other banjo is turquoise I can't promise this new one will have a traditional finish. I'm going to have to get a feel for her personality as I'm sanding. 

Valerie...  2.5 hours... not bad!  Terry is a true class act and YES, just as passionate in person as he is over the phone.  Both times I have stopped into the factory... 2.5 hrs and more pass by in a blink of the eye.  

Pour your heart in to that kit... You will be so pleased with what comes out the other side of building it...

Congrats Valerie,

I also put one of Terry's Boucher kits together recently. I built my first banjo kit in 1974. This kit is so much better than any kit I have seen. Terry's wood selection for the neck is great. If you follow his finishing directions It's almost fool proof with great results. I had experience with almost all types of wood finishes, but never had tried the shellac and French polish method. I am now using it on a lot of projects. If you take your time sanding, your results will be great.  Order your dies and rottenstone asap. Shellac is available at most hardware stores. I received my kit Friday afternoon and by Sunday afternoon had the strings stretching and playing. You will be pleased.

Thanks guys. I have a feeling this is going to be a really nice project to come home to. 

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