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I launched my new website last night.


It is a pretty simple and compact site. I did get most of the tutors back up, but still need to work on the Green Converse......size issue in PDF conversion.

The Music Store part has me very excited. When you go to that, you can see MP3's for sale. I only put up my first 2 CD's, and started the Briggs'. Since I am starting all over again, I only have one in the Briggs', but it will grow each week. I think 45 cents a tune might be reasonable (for tutor songs). In addition, there is a coupon code for Ning members to get an additional 10% discount....what a deal! Use FAS101.

If you get the time, take a cruise through there. Let me know how you like it....


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Outstanding, Tim.  Your site will be ground zero for all stroke-stylists.  I'm playin' through the yellow Converse as we speak.

I even donated some money.  Thanks for bein' the Man!!

T'will be epic.

Great, useful website.  Interesting, intriguing photo.  Are you peering far into the future, way back into past or just lost in thought?


ha.....just lost    as usual

Good luck with it, Tim. Looking good so far. One thing I would consider changing, if you can: When I added it to my Favourites, it just came up with the name ''Home''. You might want to change that to your name...But that's a very minor thing. 

I'm looking forward to it developing.

It looks like a good start Tim. I added the link to my website.

Thanks Rob.....glad you noticed. I got it fixed.

Great job.... and great way to learn some new tunes!

I added a basic instruction page to it. It is the same stuff I have here, but it is layed out on one page, with the documentation handy to get. Included the tuning.....never to be overlooked. The instruction is straight out of the Rice Book of 1858. I feel pretty passionate about that aspect of it. I can't think of a single way to improve on what was so clearly and nicely done 150 years ago. The videos (hopefully) bring to life his true intent. IMHO, it sets the stage for the way to really play and feel this material. It is similar to, yet more well defined than Briggs', and is echoed years later by the great FB Converse in his last masterwork, the Analytical Method, where he says "There are essential 2 movements in Banjo Style of play....the Combination and the Hammer". Beautiful!!!


Congratulations, looks like another winner.  (Not, you know, Septimus.)

Is there some reason the video instructions start with #3?  Tuning seems on the face of it a good place to start; I'm just curious why it's #3.

That's a default setting I embedded when setting up he Ning lessons. It came after John and Greg's, but sequentially is # 1 for the material provided.

Actually, we got a little winner in there.......1872.

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